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Liuske, design MottoWasabi/Anna Salonen & Yuki Abe is a versatile, variable, modular wall element. With brackets of varying lengths or depths, the elements can be arranged in a variety of three-dimensional compositions. Liuske works as large installations in lobbies and waiting areas, while a single Liuske-1 element makes a stylish, functional coat rack at home or at the office, or provides a place for your keys, sunglasses and wallet behind the turning front plate. The tie rod behind the elements can accommodate a hook, a shelf or a coat hanger. Liuske can be purchased individually or in batches of five and comes with a background panel that is easy to attach to the wall. Liuske collection is also providing a freestanding Liuske-3 coat rack.

Liuske material options:Steel plate, plywood, felt, mirror.


Liuske-1: w 240 x h 210 x d 57/97/ mm.

Liuske-5: w 600 x h 520 x d 57/97/137 mm.

Liuske-10: w 960 x h 730 x d 57/97/137 mm.

Liuske-3: w 700 x h 1640 x d 400 mm.