Plus desk

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Plus office desk system, design Yrjö Wiherheimo & Pekka Kojo 1997-1999. One good way to understand the design of a piece of furniture, is to get down, look underneath and behind it, and see how the whole comes together, to see how the two opposites of inspiration and headache, like sense and emotion, or art and technology, are joined and held together. The office furniture series Plus, designed by Yrjö Wiherheimo and Pekka Kojo, shows this in it´s simplicity. Plus is a steel construction, full of holes. To it, you can join, fix, hinge, tie and hitch tabletops, boards, planes, space dividers, racks and gadgets of different shapes, sizes, heights and colours. So you can assemble integrated, scattered, closed, bright, translucent or transparent combinations.