Rosebud-1/W armchair

Design Ilkka Suppanen.

(Incl. 24% tax)
Upholstery fabric: *

Frame finish: *

Rosebud-1/W is a comfortable small armchair in classic and at the same time modern style. The shapes of the seat and the wooden base give the chair its light and attractive flower-like appearance. Good ergonomics for smaller and taller people. Looks and actually is quite light. The seat shape like open arms invites to sit down. Even if no separate arm rests, the seat shape makes it possible to rest your upper arms and shoulders. Rosebud keeps its beauty, beautiful shapes and balance of design from every angle. The seat height 430 mm. Wooden bases birch, ash or oak veneered plywood. Upholstery fabric Gabriel Crisp, 93% wool+ 7% polyamide.

Fabric color chart (Gabriel Crisp)

Measurements:  l 720 x k 430/770 x s 660 mm 
Package size:  l 740 x k 800 x s 690 mm 
Weight:  12 kg