Tuttu-1/i chair, seat upholstered

Design Ari Kanerva.

(Incl. 24% tax)
Upholstery fabric: *

Frame finish: *

Wooden parts: *

Tuttu-1/i chair looks very familiar, but has still its own character, although rather modest than pretentious. The back is are made of solid ash wood (natural colour or black) and the seat upholstered. The base (16 mm steel tube and 12 mm steel rod) powder coated Ral 9005 M black.Tuttu-1/i is a stackable chair without arms. Upholstery fabric Gabriel Crisp, 93% wool+ 7% polyamide.

Fabric color chart (Gabriel Crisp)

Measurements:  w 480 x h 450/780 x d 450 mm
Package size:  w 660 x h 950 x d 660 mm
Weight: 7,5 kg