La Table-ST/670x670 sofa table

La Table-ST/670x670 sofa table, design Jouni Leino & Teppo Vahteristo.

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Colour: *

La Table-ST/670x670 is a colorful, stackable sofa table which can be used INdoors and OUTdoors. The height 450 mm. The legs ( 22 mm steel tube ) are fastened to the corners of the table top ( 1,5 mm steel ) with screws and form a firm and steady structure. Powder coating as a standard finish. Table tops are made of 1,5 mm galvanized steel and powder painted. Legs are double powder coated, with a corrosion stopping first coat and then the colour powder. La Table-ST/670x670 sofa table is available in white (Ral 9016) and black (Ral 9005). In addition to tables, La Table collection includes also stools and chairs.

Measurements:   h 450, w 670, d 670 mm
Package size: h 90, w 680, d 700 mm
Weight: 11.3 kg