Vivero continues the international story of Finnish Design

Vivero´s story started in the early 1980s when Visio and Verde chairs became a symbol of Vivero´s innovative furniture design in Copenhagen and Milan furniture fairs. There was clearly a demand for something like Vivero. The Vivero spirit, the justification of Vivero's existence, arises from the original and different design which has produced functional tools and real choices for clients and architects close to 40 years. The Vivero furniture design is also characterized by exceptional humour and material combinations. The designs also suit modern private homes.

We at Vivero believe in the fact that the majority of people recognizes good design and a well-planned environment and experiences this as a compliment to oneself. A good environment will also be taken better care of.

Vivero is located in the design district of Arabia in Helsinki at most green end of Hämeentie, next to the nest of modern Finnish crafts and design, opposite the Annala Villa by the rapids of the Old town, the birthplace of the City of Helsinki.