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DOREMI, design Kaisa Hirvaskoski-Leinonen, Mikko Nissilä and Elina Nissinen, plays on imaginative, ecological and Northern themes. It fits in beautifully with a broad range of lifestyles and interiors from public spaces to small, intimate rooms. DOREMI consists of one, two or three trapezium-shaped cushions zipped together. You can close them into a nest, a hut, a burrow, a tent, a pyramid, a playground slide, or link them in a chain to see them transform into a string of mounds, a reading circle, a boat, or a chain of seats. Unfolded, three DOREMI chairs can be linked together as a circle of seats.


Doremi-1: w 1300 x h 760 x d 1200 mm.
Doremi-2: w 1300 x h 760 x d 1200 mm.
Doremi-3: w 1300 x h 1200 x d 900 mm.