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Jim and Jules, Design Ilkka Suppanen . Jim and Jules represent different characters, chairs with their own qualities that compete for the users attention. However, they are also close relatives that share common parts and a consistent form. Jim and Jules are easy chairs for lobbies and reception areas as well as for relaxation. Both are symmetrical (but different) in shape. Two alternative bases, low, more relaxed position (X) and higher, more straight sitting position (HX). The seat is an allcovered pressed wooden construction with a steel base.


Jim/X: w 800 x h 410/950 x d 850 .

Jim/HX: w 800 x h 450/1100 x d 800.

Jules/X: w 800 x h 410/950 x d 850 .

Jules/HX: w 800 x h 450/1100 x d 800 mm.