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The original VISIO furniture line was designed in 1980 by Simo Heikkilä and Yrjö Wiherheimo. Its frame is made of 16mm steel tubes, and the seat and back structures are made of birch plywood. In the original model, the seat and the back were connected to each other and to the steel tube frame with ‘safety pin’ springs. When VISIO was updated in 2011, the wire springs were replaced with spring steel and sandows, the thickness of the upholstery increased by 15 mm. A writing top was added to the line as an accessory. The casters are the same as more than three decades ago. The revamped VISIO line now includes the SERVISIO table trolley.


Visio-100/Y - chair: w 670 x h 730 x d 720 mm

Visio-100/Y/N - chair with neckrest: w 670 x h 970 x d 770 mm

Visio-100/Y/WT - chair with side table: w 920 x h 730 x d 720 mm

SERVISIO table trolley: w 560 x h 560 x d 685 mm