Kimono lounge - L2X

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Design Mottowasabi.

The upholstered Kimono Lounge -L2X  chair collection. X-cross legs are made of Ø 18 mm steel rod. Low (L) models are available with armrests. The armrests form a straight horizontal line that can be accented with upholstery colors.

Kimono Lounge -L2X/4C , wheeled 4-cross base (not turnable), with arms (L2).
Kimono Lounge -L2X/4F , 4-cross base with foot (not turnable), with arms (L2).


Kimono Lounge-L2X/4C: l 630 x k 440/770 x s 630.
Kimono Lounge-L2X/4F: l 630 x k 440/770 x s 630.