Unit HC

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Unit, design by Kaare Falbe & Lars Larsen. Unit is a modular sofa system that consists of straight 1-seater, 2-seater, 3-seater and 4-seater sofas and combinations of these.

Groups can be completed with armrests (with or without upholstery), side and end boxes and separate tables. The range includes round, straight and curved benches. The sofas and the straight benches can also be attached directly to the wall.

The bases (50x10 mm flat steel) and the brackets for the accessories are of stainless or powder-coated steel. Dimensions of Unit armchairs and sofas: depth 690 mm, seat height 450 mm, back height 830 mm. A strong structure: the fully upholstered frames for the back (18mm) and the seat (21mm) are of birch plywood. The legs and the brackets for the armrests/boxes are made of 10mm stainless steel. The sofas are easy to sit down on and get up from: they are not excessively soft or deep, nor will you sit too far back. The design of the back gives excellent support to your lower back, and the tilt of the top of the back is very comfortable to lean against. The higher benches (550 and 650) with handles have been designed for people who are unable to sit down on a normal-height or normal-depth seat. Unit sofas can be upholstered with a variety of antimicrobially coated, waterproof materials, and the storage boxes between sofas can be laminated with antimicrobially coated material. The sofas can also be upholstered with material where coloured stripes indicate different hospital departments or wards.