Taite-3H high wall sofa

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The Taite-3H and 1H (on castors Taite-3H/P and Taite-1/HP)) sofa, designed by Ari Kanerva, is a new high back sofa in Taite collection. Taite-3H is a sheltering and acoustic piece of furniture for privacy and concentration in lobbies, corridors, atriums, and other open spaces. Laser-cut steel plate ensures structural strength and an individual look for the sofa. The contrast between the materials and colours of the frame and upholstery is highlighted by the cut-open steel-plate frame. Tables of different sizes and heights are complementing the collection.


Taite-3H: w 1900 x h 450/1350 x d 750 mm
Taite-1H: w 900 x h 450/1350 x d 750 mm